A Thxgiving Game

Here is a fun game to play this Thursday!

The Gratitude Game

What you need:

  • Several, colorful straws
  • Friends and family


How to play:

This game is similar to Pick-Up Sticks, just with a twist.  

  1. Drop the straws on the ground or table.
  2. Pick up a straw without moving any other straws, or your turn is lost and the straw cannot be collected.
  3. Depending on the color of the straw picked up, state what you are thankful for.
  4. Continue playing until  all the straws have been picked up. Whoever has the most straws wins.

Here is the chart for the straws: 

1024px-disc_plain_red-svg Red- Name a person you’re thankful for

Original_121325.jpg Green- Name a food you’re thankful for

ipfpgym Blue- Name anything you’re thankful for

b2b03897f28da70acd52203369b1ba04 Yellow- Name a thing/object you’re thankful for

Have fun playing! ~Halle Belle 



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