A Festive Month

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Christmas is almost here!

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I cannot wait for it to arrive! I am so delighted to do all things Christmasy! Since it’s exactly a month away from today, I thought we could do something in the meantime to get ready for this special day.

I recently watched one of Hallmark’s Christmas movies where a writer made a special card and gift (for 12 days before Christmas) for a radio broadcaster who wasn’t in the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas calligraphy www.willowandink.com.au

To get us into the Christmas spirit (and hopefully even MORE if you already are) I am creating a series inspired by the Hallmark movie. The series is titled, “Four Festive Weeks of Christmas.” The definition of festive is “joyous; merry.” By the end of the series, I hope to have you all in a festive mood.

“Four Festive Weeks of Christmas” starts on soon, get ready to celebrate! Merry Christmas! 

// I Wish You All A Merry Christmas

Above images via Pinterest.


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? Let me know in a comment! One can never learn too much, right?


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4 thoughts on “A Festive Month

  1. Ellen VT says:

    Hmmm, our traditions have changed since I’ve been an adult. The last two years my parents have taken Tim and me to the Star Wars movies either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. We plan on making this our third year, so I guess that’s one of our new traditions!

    Liked by 1 person

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