Festive Foods

Only two weeks till Christmas! That means Four Festive Weeks of Christmas is halfway through. Today’s gift is gift number eight, Festive Foods! Festive Foods includes three parts. Today we are covering parts one and two, Delightful Dining and A Cup of Cheer!

Festive Foods Part One: Delightful Dining



Vegetable Dishes:

Vegetable Plate(click for the recipe)

Roasted Mushrooms(click for the recipe)

Sweet Potatoes Casseroles:
Slow Cooker Mashed Sweet Potatoes (click for the recipe)
Best Ever Sweet Potato Casserole (click for the recipe)
Sweet Potato Casserole Bites (click for the recipe)

Breakfast Casseroles:
Veggie Loaded Breakfast Casserole (click for the recipe)
Overnight Eggnog Waffle Casserole (click for the recipe)
Cinnamon Eggnog French Toast (click for the recipe)
French Toast Casserole (click for the recipe)

Creamy Corn Mac & Cheese Casserole (click for the recipe)
Beautifully Caramelized Baked Ham (click for the recipe)

Festive Food Part Two: A Cup of Cheer
A Cup of Cheer


Hot Chocolate:
Nutella Hot Chocolate(click for the recipe)
Disneyland’s Hot Chocolate(click for the recipe)
Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate(click for the recipe)

Homemade Eggnog(click for the recipe)

Enjoy! You can also see these and more on my Pinterest page! ~Halle Belle


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