How to Use Pinterest and Rock at it

Hey, Belles! Today’s post is about how to use Pinterest and how to rock at using it.

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How do you use Pinterest? is a question I often hear from my friends and family. This post, Pinterest: How to Use Pinterest (And Rock at it!), will answer that question for you.

In a hurry? Skip to How to Use It For You!

How to Use It Why Should You Get It?

Before we go there, you might be thinking, Why should I even get Pinterest? If you are pondering that, check out my reason to get it here. Pinterest is amazing! You’ll love it!

How to Use It

Now we can go on.
Learning how to use Pinterest is soo important! You can miss out on tons of helpful hints and hacks and ideas if you don’t know how to use it.

Here are a few examples.

  • Example #1 Not knowing how to save the pins you find can result in endless frustration. Trust me; I hate when I forget to keep a pin I found useful. I end up spending time I could’ve used otherwise trying to find it again.


  • Example #2 Not knowing how much you can find on Pinterest can result in the loss of knowing tons and tons of information out there that can be beneficial to you!

Those examples are just a couple out of many.

How to Use It For You!

Below are tips I found on how to use Pinterest to benefit you.

Below are my tips on using Pinterest and how to get started.

  • Start by setting up your account. Pinterest makes it super easy to set up an account! To contribute to making it even easier for you, click here to set up an account. You can set up a business account to track who you reach in the Pinterest world. The ability to track is ideal for those who have a biz, blog, Etsy account, etc.
  • Then fill in the information about you, and write your description. You can make this fun and quirky! Here’s mine:

I’m Halle Belle, a lifestyle blogger and crafty gal who adores creating anything from cookies to an unique outfit. I also love to eat pizza for breakfast.

You can look at other pinner’s information too for more inspiration. I love Erika Madden’s.

  • Choose a high-quality picture of yourself for your profile (or something else you like. I found one that is totally me.) Choose a nice one. If you’re not sure which pose to use, look at others’. See which ones you think look best, and go with one similar to those.

Collage 2017-04-21 15_08_04

  • Next, create boards to save your pins. Come up with cute and creative names. Some people use adjectives. Some are more simple and use something like “Travel.” That can make them easier to find. I use adjectives (crafty), adverbs (styling), and strong verbs & nouns (dance). Then write a unique description. This description is one of mine:

Disney Disney Disney! The magical board that holds the door to the exciting adventures of everything Disney.

You can also make boards “secret.” Secret means only you and people you invite will see the board and its pins.

Collaborative boards are another option. With collaborative boards, you can collaborate with other pinners that you invite. Those pinners will be allowed to save pins to that board, and, if you allow it, add people. Collaborative boards are a great way to increase followers.


  • Your next step is to follow other pinners’ and boards. Follow people who share the same interests as you.
  • Start pinning! If you use a touch screen device, hold down on the pin you like. If you use a computer, just drag your mouse over the pin. Screenshot_2017-04-07-15-12-03_kindlephoto-29165127

  • If you are looking for an individual pin, search for it using keywords, or look in the suggested topics. You can also take a picture of something and search using items in the picture. If you already saved a pin but can’t seem to locate it by scrolling, you can search your pins as well.



  • One of my favorite things is “tried.” When you try a pin, you can “check” that you tried it. You can say whether or not you liked it, and you can leave a tip for others. This tip is super useful to me when I’m deciding whether or not to try something. The tips people leave behind help me know if it’s something I should attempt or leave alone.
  • You can also comment if you’d like to. Commenting is not something I usually do, but it’s something to consider.
  • You can buy pins on Pinterest as well. I haven’t done this yet. But, if you see something you love, Pinterest has made it easy for you to buy it.
  • Lastly, you can send pins to people. Simply select the pin you wish to share, press the send button, and select who’d you like to send the pin to.


How to Use it for Your Blog + Biz

If you’ve got a blog and biz (that’s short for business), Pinterest is a fabulous way to get your biz and blog out there. I use it for my blog all the time! Below are posts that are super useful for that.

My Tip: You can search on Pinterest for even more posts about blogging and more. There are SO many posts out there to help you!

How to Use it to Make Money

You can make money on Pinterest. If you already have Pinterest or are going to get it and want to know how to make money using it, scroll down.


Don’t Give Up on Pinterest!

At first, it can be hard to use or understand, but don’t give up! I’ve had Pinterest for a little while now, and I’ve never regretted having it. When I first got Pinterest, I didn’t understand how to use it or all the greatness it held. But now that I know the right way to use it, I rock it. Now you can rock it too. Just don’t give up, and remember, with experience, you can do great things.


Was this post useful? Let me know in a comment!

Do you have any tips or other useful info about using Pinterest? Please share with us your favorite ways to rock Pinterest!

Something that you’re still not understanding about Pinterest? Maybe I can help out. Feel free to ask anything in a comment, and I’ll do my best to assist you.


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