Everything You Need to Create the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo

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Hola*, Belles! Tomorrow is the fifth of May or el Cinco de Mayo, a fabulosa holiday! If your family loves indulging in Mexican dishes or bringing out the pinatas, this post is meant for you!

*Since we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo on La Fiesta, this post contains some Español or Spanish. Scroll down to translate.

Planning a Cinco de Mayo fiesta? Everything You Need to Create the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo, has all you need to celebrate on this Cinco de Mayo.

  1. Decoración (Decor)

A fiesta’s not a fiesta without the enchantment of the decorations, right? So pull out your furbelows and start decorating!


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This is muy lindo! Perfecto for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

Credit: inspiredoccasionssa.com


Again, a muy linda idea from The Kissing Booth Blog.


From etsy.com

So sweet!

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From: roadkillrescue.net

This a cute, cheap, and easy centerpiece idea!

Another centerpiece idea that is affordable and adorable.

  2. Comida (Food)

Every fiesta needs the perfecta comida. These are the foods to bring.

Yummy layered dip from The Girl who Ate Everything.

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Quick and easy strawberries from Cool Mom Picks.

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Kelli from Random Thoughts of a Supermom made these. And Kelli, might I tell you, I love them!

   3. Ropa (Clothes)

“Life is a party. Dress like it.” (Audrey Hepburn)

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Credit: Human

From:  envatotuts

    4. Extra (Extra)

Make these mini pinatas from One Good Thing by Jillee for your familia today! Check out this playlist on Spotify (Canciones cristianas en Español) to jam to on Cinco de Mayo!

Share with Us!

Do you or your familia have a Cinco de Mayo tradition? Maybe you go to On the Border, whack a pinata at sunset, or travel to Mexico itself. Whatever you do, por favor share it with us here at La Fiesta.


For more ideas follow La Fiesta (The Party) on Pinterest.

Thanks for checking out Everything You Need to Create the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo. I hope you enjoyed every idea. Talk to you next time, Belles!

Everything You Need for the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo // The Party // Halle Belle


  1. Hola – Hello
  2. el Cinco de Mayo – the fifth of May
  3. fabuloso/a – fabulous
  4. pinata –  a papier-mache object containing sweets
  5. La Fiesta – The Party
  6. muy lindo/a – very cute
  7. Perfecto/a – perfect
  8. familia – family
  9. Canciones cristianas en Español – Christian Songs in Spanish
  10. por favor – please


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One thought on “Everything You Need to Create the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo

  1. Dorothy Blake says:

    What great ideas! I especially like the layered bean dip in plastic cups!😊

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