5 Summer Activities that are Enjoyable (& Inexpensive) // the Party // Halle Belle // @hallebelleandtheparty

5 Summer Activities that are Enjoyable (& Inexpensive)

a wonderful weekend in sweden with friends:

44 Popsicle Recipes to Keep Your Kiddos Cool All Summer Long:

refreshing, cut a giant sphere in half and make it look like melon from a garden centre market:

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Hey, Belles, it’s time to bring out the flip flops and watermelon because summer is around the corner. Discovering activities to do during summer is often challenging.

Sure, going to the pool or beach every day is exciting, but it’s also tiring. The neighborhood BBQs hosted once a month get old fast. Plus, going out to movies and theme parks every Friday can get expensive.

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So what can you do this summer? To answer that question, let’s look at five summer activities that cost little to nothing and are enjoyable.

5 Summer Activities that are Enjoyable (& Inexpensive)

5 Summer Activities that are Enjoyable (& Inexpensive) // the Party // Halle Belle // @hallebelleandtheparty

// Create a summer reading list

Reading is a fabulous pastime. Entertaining and educational as well as great brain candy are just a few of the many fantastic bonuses of reading.

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So why not compile a list of books to read this summer?

Ideas & Tips

+Research popular books. Pinterest has all sorts of summer reading lists already put together for your convenience.

+Create a space perfect for reading– whether that place is quite or has soft music– by surrounding yourself in an environment that is fit for you and your book.

+Reading doesn’t just have to be in the form of a book. E-books, magazines, blogs, etc. are different ways to get a daily dose of knowledge.

+Listen to books. Picking up some audio books from the library or find one on your device while you work during the day saves time.

// Make a Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a growing trend, and they are worth exploring. How come?

+They can be gorgeous, just look at the mermaid bowl.

+They can be delish.

+They can be excellent for you.

+You can even use flowers to decorate your bowls, well, the edible ones at least.

Now, I want to make another smoothie bowl in addition to the one I had for breakfast this morning. How about you?

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+15 Smoothie Bowls

+Mermaid Smoothie Bowl

+10 Smoothie Bowls to Make You Understand Why this Breakfast Trend has Swept Across the Internet

// Go to the Park

Looking for a way to get out in the sun and have some fun? Try hopping in the car or on your bike, and head over to the park. Chalk and snacks are even an option to help pass the time. Picnic meals and blankets for a date idea are way sweet.

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Ideas & Tips

+Bring sunscreen and bug spray for protection and also plenty of water to stay hydrated.

+Packing bread to feed the ducks is always enjoyable but check with your local park and rec first because some cities do not allow people to feed them.

+If it’s a rainy day, bring your umbrella and rain boots to jump in a puddle or two. Remember to check the forecast to make sure no severe storms are expected.

// Start a Blog

Starting a blog has inspired me and pushed me to new levels. I have experienced a fantastic feeling of accomplishment since The Party’s launch.

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So why not start a blog this summer? Blogging is an excellent way to spend your time. You can prop up your feet and blog away. Interested? Check out these seven super useful blog posts that will help you get started with building a profitable blog.

Ideas & Tips

+Why Everyone Should Start a Blog

+What to Learn While Creating Your Blog

+Starting a blog? Read this first if you want it to be successful

+Blogging Tips for Beginners

+Are you a beginner looking to start a WordPress blog and make money blogging?

+Start a Blog the RIGHT Way in 3 Easy Steps!

+Start a Blog The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

// Watch a Sunset (or Sunrise)

Sunsets and sunrises are one of God’s many amazing creations. Because they don’t cost anything but time, sunsets and sunrises are an excellent way to spend an evening or morning on a budget.

One of my favorite quotes: “Watch more sunsets than Netflix.” (Unknown)

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Ideas & Tips

+Bring a blanket with you to a hill close by and watch away.

+Invite friends and family members to watch with you. Why not ask them to bring a snack or drink and make a day/night of it? Packing board games or having an activity plan can help time pass for little ones and even adults.


What’s your fave thing to do during summer? Let me know in a comment! One can never learn too much, right?

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5 Summer Activities that are Enjoyable (& Inexpensive) // the Party // Halle Belle // @hallebelleandtheparty

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