5 Days of Cleaning // I Tried Something New

Hey, Belles! Remember in this post how I said I was going to do a “digital journal” about trying something? Well, today is the first “entry!”

During my first week, I tried cleaning for 5 days.

Did you know cleaning is excellent for you mentally and physically? So why not clean something? I thought. And guess what? I cleaned something different every day for five days in a row. Keep scrolling if you want to know what I cleaned and how it benefited me and my mind.

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Day One

On the first day, I focused on cleaning my surroundings. I put stuff away, got rid of junk, dusted, vacuumed, washed sheets, and so on.


One way that cleaning what’s around you is good for you is you get a workout. Think about it. You’re bending over, picking stuff up, reaching above you, and who knows what else.
Another bonus of cleaning? A healthier family. When you regularly clean your home, you get rid of nasty stuff and make it a healthier environment for you and the people you love.
I felt SO much better after I cleaned. I had more space to work and think, and I just felt so much happier.

Day Two

I cleaned my mind and body. I did a brain dump and took a nice, long bath. What is a brain dump? A brain dump is when you dump everything in your mind (tomorrow’s tasks, a significant upcoming test, cleaning the house before the in-laws arrive, etc.) onto paper and organize it all.

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil or pen

What to do:

Dump everything you’re thinking about on paper. Next, organize the thoughts you wrote down. If it needs doing, place it on a “to do” list. If you can do it immediately, do so. The objective of this activity is to clear your mind. You can do it any time of day or night. Some people find it helps them fall asleep.
I also took a bath on day two. I add detox ingredients (like baking soda, bath salts, or essential oils). I also made a detox mask for my hair and face. Lastly, I used a sugar scrub.
5 Days of Cleaning // I Tried Something New


Doing a brain dump or taking a bath are great ways to clean yourself and your mind. They both help keep you clean inside and out. I felt much cleaner after day two. I felt like I could do more because I had less on my mind. Plus, it felt terrific to smell good and be clean.

Day Three

On day three, I cleaned my makeup brushes. Cleaning your makeup brushes is a fantastic habit to keep. (Here’s how I cleaned them >>)

It’s recommended to clean makeup brushes once a week. This cleaning helps keep your skin healthy by getting rid of oils and particles that clog your pores. Your skin will thank you.


I was happy to do this! As a result of cleaning my brushes, I had nice soft applicators and grateful skin.
5 Days of Cleaning // I Tried Something New

Day Four

My media was the focus of day four. First thing I did was clean my social media by unfollowing accounts that spammed my feed.
I also organized pins on Pinterest and deleted ones I no longer needed.
Secondly, I cleaned my day of social media. I limited my media interactions for the day.


This day was a beautiful day because it helped me focus my time on other tasks and the people around me.
5 Days of Cleaning // I Tried Something New

Day Five

On the last day, I cleaned my body. It was like part two of my second day. A took a detox day. I ate and drank detox foods and drinks. Oil pooling was another way I detoxed. I made a detox mask and rested for 10 minutes wihile it worked. I also did detox stretches.


Detoxing your body helps clean your inside and has many other benefits. Read more about them here >>

5 Days of Cleaning // I Tried Something New


Did you enjoy this “digital journal”? Did you/are you going to try any of the challenges I tried in my first chapter of  “I Tried Something New”? Do you have any ideas or requests for me to try? Let me know in a comment!


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