5 Days of Keto // I Tried Something New

Hey, Belles! Today’s post my digital journal’s second entry. Check out this post to read my last post and this post to read what my digital journal is.

During this week, I tried keto for five days.

What is Keto? Keto is a low-carb, low-sugar “diet.” 

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I say “diet” cautiously though. I did not try keto as a way to lose weight and starve myself. On the contrary, I ate really well. When I say “diet” I mean the way that I eat; what my food intake is.

That being said, keto does have several health benefits such as fighting diabetes, acne, and diseases. Even celebrities, like Halle Berry, are on a ketogenic diet.

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5 Days of Keto

Day One

Everything I ate was keto friendly. I didn’t feel weird, unlike some diets can make one feel. Read this article for some keto food ideas >>


Day Two

On day two, I went out to eat with my mom. The restaurant I ate at didn’t have very many ketogenic options, so I did eat some carbs but in consideration.

Day Three

My mom and I went to Starbucks, a rare treat, and I ordered what I always order, a mocha frappuccino. This is when I had a “revelation,” similar to what Lucie Fink experienced in this video of 5 Days of No Social Media.

I realized that I didn’t want to always have a restricted diet. It’s important to treat your self to special treat every once in a while, while still taking care of your self.


Day Four-Five

I followed the same mindset I had during day three.


So this is what I came to after this experience: I’m going to keep eating a low carb and sugar diet but still allow myself treats on occasion. This is taking care of my self in my opinion.



Did you enjoy this “digital journal”? Did you/are you going to try any of the challenges I tried in my second chapter of  “I Tried Something New”? Do you have any ideas or requests for me to try? Let me know in a comment!


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