Easy Back-to-School Fashion Advice and Ideas

Hey, Belles!

I know in my last post I said I was going post to every Friday, but due to a busy summer, I was unable to post weekly. Hopefully, I can post every week now.

On another note, in today’s post, I am sharing some uber easy back-to-school style ideas and inspiration. Keep scrolling to check out some gorgeous and quirky ideas.

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Back-to-School Style Inspiration and Tips

Clothing and Outfit Tips and Tricks

This section includes ways to add a little oomph and personality to normal everyday outfits.

  • Add a plain or striped tee under a dress for more style and modesty. This tip is especially useful if your school has a dress code.
  • Add kinky glasses to a getup to give it some spunk.
  • Or add a belt to give shape and uniqueness to a tucked in shirt or straight dress.
  • Hats can give an outfit a completely different look. Barrets make an outfit classy and fancy, while baseball caps can make one sporty and casual.
  • Use bandanas to play up any outfit. Tie one around your neck, ankle, wrist, or bag.
  • Accessorize. As you’ve noticed, most of the ideas and inspiration listed above are accessories. That’s because accessories add so much to any getup. Try throwing in chunky jewelry or layering necklaces.

Wear a Striped Tee Under Your Summer Dress

Seja com um truque de styling, um acessório ou até mesmo uma modelagem diferente de calça, corre aqui pra anotar essas dicas de estilo que vão dar uma repaginada nas suas produções jeans:

The Street Style at Paris Fashion Week Promises Endless Outfit Inspiration

Easy Updos and Other Hairstyles

In this section, I am including easy five-minutes-or-less hairstyles.

  • Pull back your hair in a half-up-do for a super easy and cute look.
  • Divide a ponytail for instant texture and oomph.
  • Braids can add pizazz to any hairstyle of any length.
  • Add cute clips or bands to a hairstyle or ponytail for personality, color, and class.

#Hairstyles Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair 2018

75 Gorgeous–and Innovative–Wedding Hair Ideas Endless inspiration for how to arrange your mane on the big day.  The Bubble Pony Take the ponytail to the next level a la Olivia Wilde for a modern, sculptural look that would perfectly accent any simple, structural wedding gown.

How-to: Styling a Bob Two Ways - Hair Cutting - Modern Salon

Jennifer Lawrence                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Three Simple Buns For Fall To Try | Could I Have That?

Hair Style Inspiration : Pretty Hairstyle with Velvet Bows

BAMBI Northwood Blyth

Easy Nail Inspo

Below are some cute and chic nail ideas.

  • Add glitter for something extra.
  • Or add some polka dots, stripes, or try color-blocking for something a little different.
  • Try classy colors to look more dressy or try funky colors for a playful look.

 30 Glittery Nail Art Designs




Are you going to try any of these ideas? Please, share with me in a comment! I love hearing from my Belles!


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Easy Back-to-School Style Looks and Tricks // The Party // Halle Belle // @hallebelleandtheparty

Images via Pinterest 
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