How 5 Days without Social Media Affected Me

Hey, Belles! Let’s talk about social media.

Social media is extremely popular. Over half of the entire world population uses social media. On average, people spend almost two hours a day on social media.  Two hours is a lot of time.

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I thought it would be an excellent way to challenge myself if I spent five days off of social media. That’s ten more hours to get stuff done.

Travel along with me, as I discover what five days without social media looks like.

How 5 Days without Social Media Affected Me

Follow along with me each day as I spend time off of social media.

Day One

Day one was rather “easy.” Other people that have spent time away from social media said it was “difficult.” On day one, I didn’t really see how people found this challenge to be tough.

Day Two

When I first started this challenge, school had begun earlier that month. As I was still getting back into the flow of school and all the schoolwork I had to complete, my life was quite busy (not to say it isn’t busy now). I didn’t really have time to spare to scroll through the beautiful pictures on Instagram and Pinterest.

Day Three

Day three is when I started to understand what others meant when they said being off of social media was challenging. I often use social media to pass time or escape boring moments. I definitely experienced “boring moments” on day three.

Day Four

Even though there were times I spent idly, I was actually more relaxed because I didn’t have the “obligation” of posting on my business accounts every day. I was relieved of having to post or like someone else’s post. My mind wasn’t bombarded with what was going on in the social media world.

Day Five

The last day: day five. As my time away from Instagram, Snapchat, Twiter, and more apps was coming to an end, I found myself conflicted. Sure, I was excited to see what my friends had been up to, but I discovered over the course of five days that social media isn’t always a good thing.

While I was off my phone, I observed that others were on their phones a lot. Phones and social apps can take away from quality face-to-face time.

In conclusion, I learned that although social media is a great way to connect with others, being off of social media has its benefits as well.

Привет Ирэшка яблочная пурэшка

Images via Pinterest

My Challenge to You

I challenge you to take a cleanse from social media every once in a while. Enjoy two extra hours spending time by yourself or with others.


Did you enjoy today’s post? Do you prefer social media or no social media? Please, share with me in a comment! I love hearing from my Belles!


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