The Party Starts Here

Audrey Hepburn, my role model, once said, “Life is a party, dress like it.” MeThis is essential to remember every day. Dress like you are ready to have the best day of your life. Be the most fabulous you! It is also important not to forget to dress up in the scriptures. The Bible is the most beautiful thing you can wear. When you carry it in your heart, you can be prepared for anything from a bad hair day to just a bad day. When you go out today, remember to be gorgeous inside and out by having the things you need for the best party—life. The Party is a blog about attiring yourself well including tips on how to do so and remembering to adorn yourself in God’s word (And an occasional craft). So, get ready because the party starts here.


7 thoughts on “The Party Starts Here

  1. Karon Gary says:

    Hi Halle, I’m your cousin, Karon; I am your mom’s first cousin. You, young lady, are not only spiritually mature but totally grounded in God’s word. That is quite an accomplishment for anyone…much less someone as young as you. God has great things in store for you.
    I am old enough to remember Audrey Hepburn very well. I saw most of her movies. She was a “lady” and unapologetic about it. She was such a respected actress and so very talented. I commend you for your ability to express yourself in such a thoughtful manner. I hope to see you and your Mom soon!

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