5 Tips for Better Sleep

Life brings hardship for us all–including trouble sleeping. In today’s post, you’ll find some tips to help you get ready to drift away.

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5 Tips for Better Sleep

  • Develop a routine. Hainvg a routine helps you flow right into the last step of your routine: getting into bed. So whatever may be part of your routine, stick to it. This helps you develop a pattern so that you can fall asleep easily.



  • Have a small snack (banana, yogurt, etc.) or drink (milk, tea, etc.). Help your body get into sleep mode. Eating a light snack helps you not wake up from hunger.
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  • Wash up and moisturize. Wash your face and put on a nice moisturizer like coconut oil. You can also wash your feet, rub some lotion on and throw some fuzzy socks on. Want soft hands? Apply lotion to your hands and put gloves on while you sleep. 
  • Do a brain dump. Brain dumps help clear your mind. Read more about them here >>
  • Lastly, put away the electronics and bring out the books. Read a book or journal before you lay down instead of scrolling through Instagram or binging Grey’s Anatomy. Here are some ideas that you can do instead of  liking a tweet >>



What’s your favorite tip to help you fall asleep? What’s in your nighttime routine? Let me know in a comment! I love hearing y’all’s thoughts and opinions.


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